Protect Your Paint Job

Protect Your Paint Job

Get auto paint protection for your car in Boise, ID

The paint on your car is exposed to a lot of sunlight and rain. You can protect it from fading by getting auto paint protection from Boise Sunshield Window Tinting. We are authorized dealers of Llumar Window Film products like Llumar Platinum Paint Protection Film.

Llumar Platinum Paint Protection Film is known for its:

  • Durability
  • Self-healing properties
  • Optical clarity

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Turn to us for paint protection services

You shouldn't have to worry about the paint on your vehicle chipping away. That's why our paint protection services are a good idea. We'll add a protective coating around your car to keep the paint gleaming no matter what. This virtually invisible layer of film makes your paint job less vulnerable to damage from rocks, road debris, rock salt and sand. It comes with a 10-year warranty and HydroGuard technology.

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